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Top 35 Bird Courses at the University of Guelph

With so much going when it comes to school, work and social life we all like to pick a bird course or two to help relax and take it easy throughout the semester. Check out below the top-rated bird courses offered by the University of Guelph:

ANSC*4280 Poultry Nutrition

ANTH*1150 Introduction to Anthropology

CIS*1000 Introduction to Computer Applications

EDRD*1400 Introduction to Design

EDRD*3140 Organizational Communication

EDRD*4120 Leadership Development in Small Organizations

ENGL*1030 Effective Writing

ENGL*1200 Reading the Contemporary World

ENVS*1060 Principles of Geology

ENVS*2210 Apiculture and Honey Bee Biology

FOOD*2010 Principles of Food Science

FRHD*1010 Human Development

FRHD*1100 Life: Health and Well-Being

FRHD*2100 Development of Human Sexuality

GEOG*1350 Earth: Hazards and Global Change

GEOG*1220 Human Impact on the Environment

HIST*3140 Witch-hunts and Popular Culture

HTM*3030 Beverage Management

MCS*1000 Introductory Marketing

MCS*2020 Information Management

MCS*2100 Personal Financial Management

MUSC*1130 Introduction to Musicianship

MUSC*2150 Music and Popular Culture

NUTR*1010 Introduction to Nutrition

POLS*3370 Environmental Politics and Governance

PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC*2310 Social Psychology

SOAN*2400 Introduction to Gender Systems

SOC*1100 Sociology

SOC*1500 Crime and Criminal Justice

SPAN*1100 Introductory Spanish I

THST*2500 Contemporary Cinema


If you have any bird courses you've taken and enjoyed, leave it in the comments below

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